This is a product support page for the world of Khaladune, a realm in which my heroic fantasy stories take place. It's a page-in-progress and always under construction.
ARE YOU A DESIGNER with some extra time on your hands? I'm currently seeking someone interested in contributing a KHALADUNE logo. Here are some sample styles I like: DragonSoul, Rogue Trader, Dragon Age, Warhammer. If this looks like something you'd be interested in, contact me and we'll talk more details.
Stories published in the Khaladune setting:
  • Tisarian's Treasure - Novella that first appeared as a short story in the pages of Fantasist Enterprises' SAILS & SORCERY: TALES OF NAUTICAL FANTASY. Also available at Barnes & Noble. 
  • "Blind Ambition" - Short story accepted by Rogue Blades Entertainment and will appear in the forthcoming ASSASSINS: A CLASH OF STEEL ANTHOLOGY.
  • "Eaters of Meat and Hunters" - This short story is about a watcher of the mystical Aldhold, a man named Lukasz, who comes across an untested changeling during his rite of passage: the seeking of his first kill. This tale was recently accepted by Pill Hill Press for their DARK HEROES anthology.
Unpublished stories (available for print):
  • "A Jagged Line" - A novelette featuring the knight Sir Marcus and the young skeinwielder, Tisarian, as they fight their way through the wintry and war torn Forsaken Lands.
Map of Khaladune

Khaladune map created in Fractal Terrains and Adobe Illustrator. Khaladune and all related materials, articles and titles are the Intellectual Property and copyright (c) of J.M. Martin and Tony Parsons. "Tisarian's Treasure", "Blind Ambition" are works of fiction by and copyright (c) of J.M. Martin. The works herein may not be used in any way other than journalistic review purposes without the express written permission of the copyright holder(s). All Rights Reserved.

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