Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Position Music has become my favorite kind

I LOVE POSITION MUSIC. This is music created by companies like Two Steps from Hell and Brand X exclusively for trailers and commercials. I purchased and downloaded Two Steps from Hell's "Invincible" on a whim because the cover caught my eye one day on Amazon, and it's still one of my all-time favorites. You can listen to this kind of dramatic score and let your imagination go, and to a writer or artist this is especially awesome.

According to the Wikipedia page, Two Steps from Hell was founded in 2006 by Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen, and they have since released three albums: "Invincible" in 2010, and both "Archangel" and "Illusions" in 2011, the latter of which was released under Bergersen's name rather than Two Steps from Hell. 

Future releases:

  • Demon's Dance (2012) [Compilation of unreleased music]
  • Halloween (2012)
  • SkyWorld (2012)
  • Sun (2013) [Thomas Bergersen album]

Jesper Kyd is another composer making grabs for playing time on my headphones. He’s the man behind the soundtracks to all the Assassin's Creed video games and recently released his own album called "Ultimatum," which is very likely my next purchase.

Gabriel Shadid and Thomas Marberger have forged a partnership that composes music under the Epic Score label, of which I own Epic Drama Vol. 1 "Intros & Underscores." At the time of this writing, Epic Score has around 15 releases.

Other companies from who I have yet to purchase, but plan to, are Brand X ("The Best of Brand X Music"), Audiomachine (both "Chronicles" and "Epica"), Jo Blankenburg ("Vendetta" sounds amazing from the Amazon previews and the uplifting "Elysium"), and The Immediate ("Trailerhead" and "Trailerhead: Saga").

Video games are also great resources for this style of music anymore. As mentioned, Jesper Kyd is probably my favorite at the moment, but I recently discovered that "Lord of the Rings" score composer Howard Shore entered the video game music market back in 2006. How did this slip by me for so long? It's called "Soul of the Ultimate Nation (Collector's Edition Vol. 2)" and if you lived the LOTR music, this should serve to tide you over until his "The Hobbit" soundtrack drops.

My to-buy list (in order of preference):

  • Ultimatum (2012) [Jesper Kyd]
  • Vendetta (2011) [Jo Blankenburg]
  • Soul of the Ultimate Nation (2006) [Howard Shore]
  • Elysium (2012) [Jo Blankenburg]
  • Epica (2011) [Audiomachine]
  • Chronicles (2012) [Audiomachine]
  • Assassin's Creed Revelations (2011) [Jesper Kyd]
  • The Best of Brand X Music (2012) [Brand X]
  • Trailerhead: Saga (2010) [The Immediate]
  • Trailerhead (2008) [The Immediate]

Intrigued by (need to preview some more):

  • Unearthed (2003) [E.S. Posthumus]
  • Cartographer: Piri Reis Remixes (2008) [E.S. Posthumus]
  • Rock Hybrid Trailers (2011) [Various; Gothic Storm]
  • Drummers of God - Percussion Trailers (2011) [Various; Gothic Storm]
  • Epic Choral Trailers (2011) [Various; Gothic Storm]