Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Case of the Stolen Superman Collection

What kind of jerkhole takes advantage of a mentally disabled dude, stealing thousands of dollars of their personal stuff? In this case, a scum-sucker named Gary and his loser girlfriend, Sara, took advantage of 48-year-old Mike Meyer of Granite City, IL. Gary was a former co-worker of Mike’s, who distracted and deceived him as he stole 1,800 of his SUPERMAN comics and other memorabilia, some of it dating all the way back to the ‘50s. Instead of me telling you more, here’s a Fox News clip reporting about the incident (below):

Superman Comic Books Stolen (2:23)

Here’s also a link for the story on Newsarama.

And, finally, the Facebook effort to help the guy out.

It’s just sad the lows some people will sink to. What goes through a person’s mind, where they come up with a predacious plot like this? I hope Granite City police (the place even sounds like a comic book metropolis) can catch this loser and his sidekick/strumpet and give them both the ol’ whut-fer!

My heart, however, is uplifted by how many good people have responded to the news.

UPDATE (09/16/11): Gerry Arville busted for theft of comic collection, comics returned to Mike Meyer of Granite City. This story has a happy ending after all.


  1. Some people are just losers. I'd say Gary and Sara are, but that would be an insult to losers everywhere. If they get caught, they'll probably get probation. In a proper barbarian society, the punishment would be much more fitting. I'm glad people stepping up to help Mike.

  2. Glad to hear the thief was caught (apparently apprehended while robbing a 76 year old man); sad that someone's such a parasite on those less able.

  3. Yeah, no doubt, Steve! What a coward. I'm glad he's behind bars.