Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Novella’s Cover


Click picture to view larger.

Hello, everybody. I finally have a decent cover for Tisarian’s Treasure. In the beginning, before I had artist Peter Ortiz commit to putting his painting on the cover, with the aid of author Sara Reinke I put together a cover using stock and some liberal application of fonts and filters, but now that Peter is on board, here’s the wonderful cover to the novella! Enjoy.

More news on the release of the book, as soon as I get verification from my sales channels at Amazon (for the Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (for the Nook and NookColor).



Click picture to view larger.

P.S. I’m considering leaving the “red” cover on the Smashwords edition (which is available now for download if you don’t want to wait for Amazon or B&N) as sort of an alternate version. What do you think?