Monday, July 18, 2011

Submission accepted by Pill Hill Press

Yessireebob. A pleasing thing greeted my bearded face when my wandering fingers clicked my mouse and caused the ol’ e-mail to open up before my big fat lazy eyes this afternoon. Ya like how I make it sound as if my body parts are all independent of one another? Anywhat, one of my recent submissions I ranted about in the June 30th post has been accepted! That’s right, peeps!

Here’s the official word from Jessy Marie Roberts, Pill Hill Press’ Editor-in-Chief, posted today on the Pill Hill Press forum regarding the DARK HEROES anthology:

Sorry it took me so long to get out those final responses... there were some FANTASTIC stories to choose from and I couldn't take them all. But, all responses have been sent out to all authors, and the final TOC is listed below. Dark Heroes is now in editing, then it will go into formatting, and then I'll get out a galley to all contributing authors for a final proof read. This anthology should be published in August (mid to late).


DARK HEROES - Table of Contents

  • The Twelfth Monster of Chaos by J. Leigh Bailey
  • Just Waiting for the Sun to Set by Phil Wolters
  • Cat Got Your Tongue? by Gary Buettner
  • Nothing Personal by Scott M. Sandridge
  • It’s Medicine; Not Magic by Jennifer L. Barnes
  • Monster Hunter by Mel Obedoza
  • The Ease of Evil by Aaron Renfrow
  • La Bête by Anita Siraki
  • Azieran: The Crypt of Shaddis’zzam by Christopher Heath
  • Their Last Escape by Alexis Hunter
  • The Widow and the Scythes by Chloe Stowe
  • Solstice by Darin Kennedy
  • Eaters of Meat and Hunters by J.M. Martin
  • Ordinary Folk by Kat Heckenbach
  • The Dream Eaters by Tony Wilson

There I am, third up from the bottom. My story is called “Eaters of Meat and Hunters” and involves some unusual shapeshifting types in a deep dark wintry forest. The general theme of the story is ‘family.’

So, pretty exciting? I think so. And it looks like I’ll have a galley to proof in the next couple weeks. I’ll be sure to post here when I know for sure when DARK HEROES will be hitting shelves. It’s available through all the usual channels.

That’s DARK HEROES from Pill Hill Press. Ask your local retailer to order a copy or two.