Thursday, June 30, 2011

What? An actual update? Get. Out!

Just hitting some quick bullet points to summarize my month.

  • I was bummed when Vistag Media’s Kickstarter project didn’t hit its target for funding the SECRETS, LIKE DRAGONS novella project. I was looking forward to writing a novella (or novelette) and eventually seeing it in a book alongside Ed Greenwood’s name, a fella whose work I’ve admired and whose campaign setting (Forgotten Realms) gave me countless hours of enjoyment back in my gaming days. But, I’m still happy to know that Steven E. Schend hasn’t given up the fight and is continuing to explore avenues for his publishing company and the Kharndam fantasy setting.
  • I took on some editorial duties for Jason Waltz’s Rogue Blades Entertainment (RBE) on a heroic fantasy anthology called CHALLENGE! DISCOVERY, and I gotta say, based on the stories and authors I edited, this is going to be a great antho worth every penny. I thoroughly enjoyed this project. Plus, I had a little bit of a fanboy moment when I found out Keith J. Taylor was one of the entrants. I read his BARD series way-back-when and abso-smurfly loved it.
  • Another anthology project came to my notice this month: Pill Hill Press’s DARK HEROES. They’re calling for stories where the main character is a monster of some sort acting in heroic fashion. When I read those guidelines and saw the July 2nd deadline, I just knew I had to give it a shot. So, I steepled my fingers. I massaged my brow. I cracked my knuckles. And then I let those fingers fly! I wrote a 6,400 word short story in about a week, then fired off drafts to my test readers—thank you Kenny, Tracy, and Bill for the suggestions—incorporated some of their thoughts and feedback, and sent the final draft off just a few hours ago. If you watched the teaser for”Brave” I posted a couple days ago, that bear in the trailer is almost exactly what I pictured in my mind when writing my story for DARK HEROES (in my story there’s a really bad-ass were-bear).

So, that’s my June as far as writing and editing. It’s weird. Seeing it summarized like that I’m trying hard not to chide myself for not being more productive. I think I should have written another short story or put more time in on my novel…man, a true writer’s never satisfied, I guess.

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