Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kickstarter Update and Drakesfall Teaser by Steven E. Schend

If you haven't checked it out yet, please do. Just one day remains for this Kickstarter project to meet its goal. Any fan of fantasy, gaming, or action adventure should dig it. Bear in mind that this project is loaded with Forgotten Realms writers, including FR creator, Ed Greenwood (as well as Rosemary Jones, Jaleigh Johnson, Steve Schend, and me—yes, me!).

Here's a link to Steven Schend's blog where he's been dropping some awesome teasers to supplement the project: 

Kickstarter Update & Drakesfall » Steven E. Schend

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  1. Thanks, Joe!

    There's another few posts talking about Kharndam and dropping more and more hints as the timing gets tight on this fund-raising drive! For any interested, please check out these links as well:

  2. Dagnabbit--what'd I do wrong that the links don't work from that comment above?

    who's a little tired and brain-fried to be net-literate right now....

  3. Weird. I don't know why those links aren't live. Well, hopefully people know to copy & paste!