Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Comic Book Database Profile Discovered

I just came across this Web site called and I’m tickled to see they’ve logged pretty much my entire comic book career! Here’s a chronological listing of nearly every comic that I took part in to some degree, either writing, art, editing, lettering, or otherwise. I see a few things missing, among them several issues of ARENA MAGAZINE (of which I was the editor, designer, reviewer, interviewer, press liaison, you-name-it!), some un-credited works I did layout and/or design work on (a couple issues of DEADWORLD come to mind), and some comics I did artwork on, the absence of which I don’t mind one bit!

Visit the ‘Joe Martin – Main Profile’ or, more impressively, see the ‘Joe Martin - 'J.M. Martin' - Chronological Listing.’

If you’re curious about the covers here, the cover on the left is of a one-shot called HELLGIRL: DEMONSEED (Knight Press, 1995), mainly to take advantage of the “bad girl” phase in the industry (yeah, call me a sellout, if you will, though I took the character and storyline just as seriously as I do all my work). The other cover is FRANK FRAZETTA FANTASY ILLUSTRATED #6 (Quantum Cat Entertainment, 1998), which featured a story I wrote called “The Horned God: Boudicca’s Tale,” with art by Philip Xavier and colored by Richard Isanove.

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  1. This is awesome! Not only is it great to look back at some of your work, but I didn't even know about the comic book database. Thanks!

    Gotta go. Seems I'll be spending the day at a certain website.