Monday, January 3, 2011

Today’s Randomosity: Pretty Young Things with Food

Which of these vivacious and clearly euphoric thunderbolts of youth and beauty appears to be en route to total and blissful satiety? Might it be the “Brunette with Burger",” clearly with a meaty Whopper in her wonderfully manicured digits—plainly imparted by The King Himself? Or does the “Blonde with Fruit Salad” seem to be taking to her bowlful of fruitacious edibles with more gusto? And, when all is said, done, and swallowed, who do you think shall have slaked her hunger in finest fashion?
Leave your comment (if you dare).

“Have it your way.”

<----------“I’ll have it her way.”

Bear in mind, too, that “SCIENCE” (that infallible new Lord and Master that has us all in its sway) has proven that if you’re attempting to bear fruit (e.g., be with child), ironically eating burgers increase your chances for a boy, yet consuming vast amounts of fruit salad does not.

If you want a girl, eat more chocolate.

Hey, don’t take my word for it. I’m just quoting “SCIENCE.” And, yes, I’m in a strange mood today.


This blog post inspired by today’s article on The Hairpin.

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