Monday, January 31, 2011

Book Review: Daredevil: Lowlife by Bendis!

Daredevil Vol. 6: LowlifeDaredevil Vol. 6: Lowlife by Brian Michael Bendis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Portions of this review are copied from the review on my Goodreads profile.

Summary: When Daredevil’s secret identity is publicly exposed, blind attorney Matt Murdock must deal with the problems and legal ramifications that have reared up as a result. Matt has little time to dwell on these problems though, as an intriguing new love interest appears in his office and sweeps him off his feet, and the Owl, “one of Daredevil's most dangerous foes” (really?) has set his berserker butt down in the empty throne formerly sagging under the enormous weight of the exiled Kingpin and is making all sorts of trouble.

My thoughts: Back in the nineties, I was on staff with Caliber Comics and had the opportunity to work with Brian Bendis firsthand on certain projects (and, boy, do I know some funny stories). He always impressed me as someone who could write damn good dialogue, and that's no different now than it was then, but where Brian has truly improved over the years (of cranking oodles of comics out for Marvel) is his plotting and pacing, and it shows in DAREDEVIL: LOWLIFE. The dialoging and pacing are both phenomenal. The only reason this graphic novel falls shy a star is due to its predictability. There are no surprises in this book whatsoever. But, it's still a damn fine read and well recommended to comic fans of all stripes and colors.

My rating: four stars (out of five). Technically, it's 4.25 stars. Highly recommended.


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