Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review, and Writing Update: “Blind Ambition” accepted by RBE

I’ll admit 2010 had its ups and downs, but it’s saying ‘sayonara’ on a high note.

One, I’m officially finished with school. All that’s left is my exit interview next week, with the board exam to follow shortly thereafter. After a bumpy start last April with my occupational therapy fieldwork, having to endure an atrocious clinical instructor (CI) with ulterior motives, my next two rotations were abso-smurfly wonderful. My home health CI challenged me to think quickly and clinically and to always be prepared. And my behavioral health CI truly validated me, convincing me that, yes, I am a damn good therapist. Plus, I’ve found my niche in geriatric psych—something I never even considered when asked what field I was considering, but I love it.

Two, my focus on getting more stuff published is moving along—I just had another short story accepted! I really didn’t have much time for self-indulgence while in school, meaning time to write… well, I wrote… but theoretical case studies and treatment intervention plans aren’t as rousing as “action & adventure” fantasy fiction. Unless you’re REALLY into therapy. Or just plain weird!

I’m looking forward to having a couple weeks off now to work on some old projects. It starts off on a positive note too, as I just had my short story, “Blind Ambition,” (see snippet below) accepted by Jason M. Waltz, the publisher of Rogue Blades Entertianment (a.k.a. RBE), purveyors of heroic adventure fiction in the vein of R.E. Howard, Michael Moorcock, and David Gemmell, with an “xtreme” edge, which, if you know me, is right up my dark and sordid alley. I’m all about heroes and monsters and blades, the triumph of the anti-hero, basically fantasy with a dark and bloody aura.

For more about the ASSASSINS anthology, click here.

For more about Rogue Blades Entertainment, click here.

I’m also working full bore on my other short story (which is pushing novella length) called “A Jagged Line.” I’m currently powering through draft #3, which by my account will bring the story into form for submission to the L. Ron Hubbard’s “Writers of the Future” contest. Wish me luck.

On that note, I should probably get back to it. Happy New Year, blog followers, fellow writers, therapists, friends, etcetera and what-have-you and so on and so forth! Tally ho!

SNIPPET: To pique your curiosity, here’s a miniscule snippet from “Blind Ambition,” [clean version]:

“YOU DAFT B-----D,” Ulrich said as he watched the sneer fade from the dying man’s face. “All I wanted was answers.”

“Buh… buh-trayer…” the man gurgled through blood-stained lips.

“You f-----g righteous piece of…! Do you know how many good men are dead back th—” Ulrich’s head darted up as the steel-reinforced timber door ricocheted open.

Guards spilled into the bedchamber, their faces immediately paling. He could only imagine how it looked: he, their High Marshal, reported dead by the very officer whose body he now crouched over. He looked the part of an assassin in the dimly lit room, withdrawing a dark wet blade from a contorted form on the chill floor, a pool of blood widening, its ribbonlike rivulets inking through the runnels between the flagstones.

More guards edged into the room—first three, then four, then five. A couple of them, he recognized. Outside the room, someone barked orders, then came the sound of the warning bell in the yard.

Ulrich stood as they fanned out, warily approaching. He dashed for the casement, whipping the heavy curtains aside and leaping into the darkness. The guards and their shouts of “halt!” and “stop!” pursued him out the very window he’d just entered moments ago.

And as he plummeted through the frosty night air he thought, how in the nine hells did I come to this?

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