Thursday, December 2, 2010

Game of Thrones…Again

So can you tell I’m excited about this? Two consecutive posts with embedded videos to get us all primed for what promises to be one of the coolest and most epic television series, like, EVER.

In the clip below, from HBO’s own Web site, George R. R. Martin himself admits that “they got it right!” He explains that so far it’s as if the makers of the series pulled the images right from his own head, saying it’s like walking into one of his own dreams.

Check out the clip (1:31) to hear him, writers Weiss and Benioff, and actor Sean Bean share some of their thoughts on the upcoming “Game of Thrones.”

Does anyone know the tentative release date yet, by the way? All I can find so far online is “2011.”

Daenerys is looking rather good to me, too, gotta admit:

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