Saturday, November 13, 2010

It all began with Secret Wars…

Marvel Super Heroes Secret WarsMarvel Super Heroes Secret Wars by Jim Shooter
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I was fourteen before I decided comics were cool. SECRET WARS #1 was the very first comic book I ever bought, and I became an avid comic book reader for the next fifteen years.

One sunny day in early June, 1984, being out of school for the summer, I walked to the local book store ready to spend a few hard-earned dollars on the latest GOR novel and that’s when it happened. I strolled by the magazine rack on my way to the sci fi/fantasy section of the Little Professor when a colorful cover illustrated by Mike Zeck jumped off the shelves at me. SECRET WARS #1. My gaze locked onto Captain America's howling face. Then I saw the Hulk leaping high, Spider-Man swinging in, Wolverine brandishing a pair of shining claws. Just too cool! It had never occurred to me that all those heroes might come together at once. I was impressed. It was even more unusual because I used to tease my younger brother about his comic books (he mainly collected LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and G.I. JOE) and, as he "grew out of them," I was falling in love.

I stopped reading comics around 1999, a bit burned out by the business side of things (having been involved in comics since ‘89 or so). I just recently returned to reading graphic novels as my four-year-old son is way into super-heroes – he’s in the next room right now playing LEGO Batman on the 360. I gotta admit it's been fun catching up on the adventures of Batman, the X-Men, Daredevil, Wolvie, Catwoman, and more in the past year or so. It takes me back to being a boy, where it all started in the summer of ‘84 with a comic book featuring Marvel's greatest classic heroes, SECRET WARS! 

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(Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1)

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