Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Writing Progress Update!

I’ve spent the last two evenings really cranking out some good stuff (yeah, if I do say so myself and all that). I’ve managed to finish two stories this past week, both set in the world of Khaladune—the same world as featured in my story “Tisarian’s Treasure,” which appeared in the Fantasist Enterprises anthology, SAILS & SORCERY.

The two stories:

  • “Blind Ambition” takes place beyond the northern fringes of a vast empire set on expansionism by any means. However, the appointed High Marshal happens to be struggling with his personal feelings about how to go about matters, especially since he’s tormented by a deep alcohol-induced depression stemming from his apparent exile from the Emperor’s side for reasons he doesn’t understand. This one runs a little over 5,200 5,400 words and is ready to be submitted after I hear back from one last beta reader, though I’m not opposed to a few more eyes looking at it if YOU want to be a beta reader. Gotta let me know quickly, though.
  • “A Jagged Line” is the other story, and one I’ve been working on for a while. It features best friends, one a knight with a holy sword, the other a gifted sorcerer-priest who has fallen deathly ill because of an ancient evil. The tale begins with the two men retreating into the wintry wilderness after they had to flee a besieged fortress, along with a company of bedraggled knights and soldiers. In the wilds of the untamed Forsaken Lands, they must uncover and confront the ancient evil or surely perish. This one’s a doozy, coming in at around 16,300 words. It has one beta reader left to comment, as well (hurry, Stephanie!), but has also been sent off this very evening to W.H. Horner for a professional editorial pass. I’m both anxious and excited to get his feedback.

Okay, going to sleep now. Leave a comment or something. I need some love.

Oh yeah, and I updated my blog. The link colors are driving me crazy, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to change that right now. I’ll keep working on it.

Read a sample of “Tisarian’s Treasure” here.

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