Monday, October 25, 2010

A Chelonian Air

I made this little kid’s song up today as I was driving my son to school. If I was bold enough, I’d post a video of me singing it. But I’m not that bold. It’s called “A Chelonian Air.”

He has a chelonian air about him.
He moves real slow but, in truth, he moves quite well.
He has a chelonian air about him.
It may be due to his multi-patterned leatherback shell.
He has a chelonian air about him.
His skin’s so smooth and oh-so-leathery.
He has a chelonian air about him,
With nictitating eyes that protect him from the salt in the water of the sea.

My son enjoyed it, humming along through a mouthful of “Toy Story” gummies. Even if he had no clue what I was singing about.

In case you don’t either, I’m thinking the picture to the left’s a surefire clue.

”A Chelonian Air” is copyright © 2010 J.M. Martin. Yeah, me. All rights reserved, etc. Use only with permission (which means, let me know and I’ll ask you to link to me.")

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