Saturday, September 11, 2010

Getting Published is Not a Crap Shoot

Fantasy author Victoria Strauss blogged about a topic yesterday that crosses my mind often. She touched upon the competitive field of speculative fiction writing, specifically pertaining to how those hopefuls who have yet to get published groan about how landing an agent or publisher is pretty much a crap shoot. Strauss disagrees, and in her blog at Writer Beware she explains why.

Though I've been published, I've not crossed the threshold of querying an agent or submitting a full manuscript. I'm sure part of it is fear of rejection, even though I know my writing is good--and not just "good" but "publishable good."

If you're like me and have aspirations of getting a full length novel published, Strauss' blog is worth a few minutes of your time. Give it a quick read. And if you feel like leaving a comment here afterward, I'd love your input.

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