Thursday, September 16, 2010

Comic Review: Wolverine: Origins Vol. 5 by Daniel Way

Wolverine: Origins, Vol. 5: DeadpoolWolverine: Origins, Vol. 5: Deadpool by Daniel Way
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This run of WOLVERINE: ORIGINS is a fun romp. It's hard to go wrong with the wild and wacky lunacy of Deadpool unleashed. Writer Daniel Way obviously had a chortle or two while writing this portion of the series, and I've been a fan of Steve Dillon's art since PREACHER. I've read some criticisms that Dillon's art doesn't fit the dynamic needs of a Wolverine title, but I think it's great. Where it may lack in background detail, it more than makes up for in character expression.

Worth the 30 minutes it takes to read. Just "good clean fun."

Here's a quick snippet:

DEADPOOL (TO A WOMAN HE'S PAID OFF TO DISTRACT WOLVERINE WITH HER PANICKED SCREAMS): really sold it! Even I believed you and I KNEW it was all fake!

WOMAN: Really?

DEADPOOL (COUNTING OUT MONEY): Oh, yeah! Here, I'm gonna give you a little extra--go get a headshot done, okay?

WOMAN (MONEY IN HAND): You mean, like, for auditions? Wow, you really think I could do that?

DEADPOOL: Absolutely! Listen, I've heard it all: people begging for their lives, death howls... and that scream of yours ranked right up there with them.

WOMAN: "Death howls?"

DEADPOOL (POINTING AT WOMAN WITH PINKY FINGER SINCE WOLVERINE HAS CUT OFF ALL HIS OTHER FINGERS): Yeah! It's this noise that happens when people scream in pain right before they die. It's really strong at first but then it just kind of trails off--because there's not another breath behind it, you know?


DEADPOOL (WOLVERINE IN BACKGROUND, EMERGING FROM A WALL OF FLAMES): Hey! That's good, too! "Mortal terror," right? You nailed it!


Almost four stars, but the ending was a little contrived.  Also, I enjoyed the reprint of issues #21-25 (encompassing the Deadpool arc) much more than issues #26-27, which featured the art of Stephen Segovia and “The Son of X” rather than Deadpool.

My rating: 3.25 stars (out of 5).

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(Wolverine Origins #24 cover art)

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