Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Book Review: Dictionary of Celtic Mythology by Peter B. Ellis

Dictionary of Celtic Mythology (Oxford Paperback Reference)Dictionary of Celtic Mythology by Peter Berresford Ellis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For such a small volume, the DICTIONARY OF CELTIC MYTHOLOGY by Peter Beresford Ellis is incredibly thorough and an excellent starting point for further research into topics of Celtic mythology, sagas, and tales.

Here's a random entry from a page I have bookmarked (so you can get a feel for the book):

Scenmed. [I] Sister of Forgall Manach. Following his death, when Cúchulainn eloped with Forgall's daughter, Emer, Scenmed raised an army and followed the Ulster champion to exact vengeance. Cúchulainn defeated and slew her.

Have you heard of Scenmed? No? Well then, the book has already proven valuable. Thank you, Mr. Ellis, for taking the time.

This is one of those research books I pick up time and again, either for research or for inspirado. As a writer, I can open up this volume and take a small entry such as the one above about poor Scenmed and begin to conceive a plot. Very helpful resource to have on my bookshelf. And I got this handy tome used for just five bones. It was five bones well spent.

Four out of five stars. Conceivably 4.5 stars.

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