Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project Darkbelly – A Short Story; and Etcetera

Happy Belated New Year and all that. The Bengals lost today in the Wild Card playoff to the Jets, so there’s that, but more importantly (to me), the AP-ranked No.3 Kentucky Wildcats won, beating Georgia in SEC play for an overall record of 16-0. One of only three undefeated teams left, alongside No.1 Kansas and No.2 Texas. Way to go, Coach Cal. We love ya!

So, typically I boast on my Facebook page via status updates whenever I have a productive night of writing. I like to say things like, “Wrote a 1,000 words tonight and feeling grrrrrreat!” Well, now that the “Light” at the end of Project Darkbelly’s tunnel can be seen, I’ve started cutting. I get so frustrated with myself for letting my stories get out of hand. Which I do. A lot. I tend to go epic with everything I write. You see, I thought this story would fall around 6,000 words at first, but quickly realized it was going to be more around 8,000. Nope. Once I hit 10,000, I thought it was going to take at least 12,000 to wrap this one up to my own satisfaction.

I exceeded 12,000 words last night. And I still have more scenes to write.

After reading portions aloud to a friend of mine earlier this evening—which I like to do, because the ear often hears what the eye doesn’t see—I started cutting. So, rather than boast on how many words I’ve written, I’m happy to announce I’ve shaved almost 400 words so far. I’m still around 11,700, which is about 50 pages in a mass market paperback—a fairly hefty short story. Too hefty, in fact. I mean a Cinch Sack’s got nuthin’ on this one.

I really think I need to have a beta reader get brutal on me. Ideally, I’d like to wrap this puppy and somehow figure out how to get it down to 10,000 words. I don’t know if it’s possible without weakening the story too much, but if anyone reading this has a red pen they’re just itching to use, drop me a line (write to: martinjm70(at)gmail(dot)com). In the end, I think Project Darkbelly will be better for it. I think. Did I say that already? Okay. I hope.

We’ll see.

Call me.


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