Friday, January 15, 2010

Make Sure You Haven’t Soiled the Seat

250px-Public-Restroom-9770 I really hate public restrooms. I try to refrain, but sometimes a visit to the loo at the library or bookstore or restaurant is just unavoidable.

It never fails, though. Nine times out of ten when I go into one of these dens of decompressing, whatever faith I have in humanity to be thoughtful is utterly dashed. Why oh why can’t people just LEAVE A CLEAN TOILET? I mean, it would truly make the world a much better place.

Leave a clean toilet!

I mean, sure, do your thing, whatever it may be, # one, # two, #threeve, but then FLUSH, fer cryin’ out loud! And after you flush, take a quick look down. Make sure you haven’t soiled the seat, the rim, the lid (if there is one), and if you see a little dribble, wipe it up. And if you really made a mess, clean it! Crikey. What kind of loathsome slob leaves their feces for someone else to clean up? Oh, and don’t get me started on how often I’ve noticed another dude go straight from the stall or the urinal to the exit door without even glancing at the faucet. Ugh. No wonder Howie doesn’t like to shake peoples’ hands. I don’t blame him.

So, I’ll say it one more time (and I’m embarrassed that I’m actually blogging about this): Please, for the love of God, leave a clean toilet. By doing so you’re making me breathe easier (pun intended) and, let’s face it, you’re making the world a better place for your fellow man. If you’re one of the guilty, make it a New Year’s Resolution. It’s quite an easy one. It takes little effort. It may just possibly be one you can keep!

Leave a clean toilet.

That is all.


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