Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nobody Home? The Streak Has Ended

I use Google Analytics to track visitors to my blog. Don’t worry. It doesn’t give me your e-mail address or bank account pin number, but I can track where you’re from, when you visited, what pages you visited, and even what pages sent you here. I can tell your browser, your connection speed, and even the keywords you typed into the search engine that brought you here. For example, some poor sap typed in “martial arts film jade princess” and ended up reading my snippet and probably thought, “Where’s all the dang kung fu?” Sorry, buddy.

But, it’s pretty awesome. I know I’ve entertained American visitors from Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky (of course), Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and California. I’ve also somehow reached overseas, with visitors from Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Taiwan, and even Vietnam (Hi, Brian). This even breaks down to the city. Hey there, Saginaw, MI. How’s it hanging, Provo, UT? Round Rock, TX, I hear you got it going on! And how about you, Oslo, Norway? Can I come hang out for a week or two? Ah, well, that’s very nice of you, Ho Chi Minh City, to offer up your pad. I think I just might.

Silliness aside (which is hard for me sometimes), the reason I’m writing is because I guess I’m a little bummed. You see, on December 15th my site had zero visitors. Nunca. Zilch. None. That breaks a streak of 42 days where someone either purposely visited, or at least some hapless “fassbender hicox review” seeking Web surfer from Prospect, Pennsylvania somehow managed to find themselves on the ol’ Ranting and Raven blog.

Maybe this is the start of a new streak, though. One can dream.

Persian exclaims, "My arm." Stelios says, "It's not yours anymore."

“Then we shall fight in the shade.”

More to come…

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