Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November’s Been a Whole Lotta Fun

I have to admit I was hoping my membership drive would have netted more followers, but I’m confident more will flock to me in time. I guess it didn’t help that I switched to a new Web address right in the middle of the whole follow-my-blog-and-get-a-free-book thing.

Here we are, however. Standing yet again upon the precipice of another Harvest Festival Day (Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Amerikaners, and to any of you Canucks who like to join in). It’s been a month since my last post, so I’d better get hep to the jive.

First, I’ve been really active this past month with school stuff, which is one reason why the blog suffered most of November. The first week of the month I had clinicals—those of you in healthcare will recognize the term “Level I Fieldwork”—in which I did a quick 30-hour home health rotation for a company called Amedisys. I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I would have never thought going to people’s houses to administer therapy would be my bag but, hey, turns out it sorta is. It never struck me before, but enabling a client to be functional in their own lives (the goal of occupational therapy) translates to the-bubonic-plaguegetting things done AT HOME. Duh, right? There’s no better way to dole out a little OT than to have access to a client in their own environment with their own “stuff!” So after this rotation I’m seriously considering digging into this field right after I graduate (boy, that June 2010 date is starting to loom large).

Second, everyone in my family has contracted the Bubonic Plague.

Okay, well, it feels like it.

Actually we’ve all just taken turns being miserable with the recent cold epidemic, which was a whole lotta fun, especially for my three-year-old boy and nine-month-old girl…though, come to think of it, my other thirty-something-year-old girl hasn’t been having a blast with it, either. There’s just something about your babies getting sick, though.

Getting on to it, I did promise a chance at some free books to some of you—a copy of the fantasy anthology by Fantasist Enterprises called Sails & Sorcery: Tales of Nautical Fantasy, to be precise. I’d like you all to know I had my son pick your name from his Iron Man cup, and the three of you who won will be getting an e-mail from me asking if you actually want the book and where do ya want it? If you’re willing, I’ll also post your name and a hyperlink of your choice right here on the ol’ Ranting and Raven blogspot.

Alrighty, I think that’s enough for this update. I’ll try not to let another month go in-between updates, though. In fact, I’ll post another Project: Darkbelly snippet very soon. I’ve actually had a couple folks ask for it (no lie!), and I’m feeling particularly gracious so, hey, stay tuned and stuff.