Thursday, January 29, 2009

Math's Not Important

Maybe this is why the economical plight in America is so dire. I was looking at one of my son's toys today and something grabbed my attention. I'm the last to say I'm a wiz with numbers, but I seem to recall some math basics. For example, I can still argue that if Garen has a basket of 19 peaches and he gives seven of them to his little sister, Nora Jane, then the generous young fella will find that he still has how many peaches? Twelve, right? Sounds about right to me.

But not according to the manufacturers* of Foam Letters 'n Numbers (see pic). I wonder if several of our "heads" of State and government, our enlightened policymakers who fill the seats in the House and Senate, played with toys such as this when they were wee lads and lassies. I'm convinced most central bankers and business elite did.


*I have to add a little disclaimer. I poke fun at our country's educational/economical values with tongue-in-cheek. The Verdes Toys Corp. actually produced this product in China (of all places!).

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