Friday, January 30, 2009

I Need an Intervention

THE MOST OBVIOUS CHOICE, you’d think, would be my computer. Some people who think they know me say I wouldn’t be able to survive without access to one, especially without Internet. That’s not true. I’ve tested myself. I've gone days at a stretch without cracking open my laptop or sneaking off to the library to access some random lag-cheerleaderladen PC. I purposely didn’t touch a computer during the last two family vacations, and one of those was for two whole weeks.

Nope. What I need is a chocolate intervention. If there’s one thing I can’t do without, it’s chocolate. It’s my drug, gotta admit it. There is a God and His name is Hershey.

Oh wait, I just thought of another possibility. My driving need to stalk cheerleaders. Talk about inconvenient! It’s really becoming quite a ridiculous addiction of mine. I must have a collection of at least 40 of them in the hole under my garage.


  1. Mmm chocolate and I suppose cheerleaders if I was pressed on the subject (relax happily married, and 'straight'). My latest addiction is dried dates. Odd I know. Especially odd since I had banished them after noticing their odd resemblance to the embalmed toes of the middle- eastern-heritaged cadaver we studied in my university's advanced anatomy lab. Let me tell you that a medical reason to eliminate dairy from your diet will spark creativity on the 'dessert' front. But I digress.....

  2. I just re-visited your comment, Lauren, and that thing about cadaver toes is riveting yet tummy-turning at the same time.