Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The New Age of Unreason

Some days it's so farcical I can't stand it. We live in a world where the headliner content of what is considered "newsworthy" has become criticism of a female VP-candidate's choice of clothing, a governor's indiscreet decision to turn a profit on a Senate seat and where an Iraqi news reporter is hailed as heroic for launching not one but two loafers at President G.W. Bush's overripe melon.

News? Maybe. Headline news? News that launches hours and hours of TV and radio discussion? This is what we have to talk about?

What about the unabated violence in Russia and Africa? What about the corporate greed and ineptitude directly responsible for the financial carnage of collapsing global markets, unemployment, and homelessness? Have the school massacres stopped?

Rather than clothes, chairs, and shoes, let's talk about how the GOP budget plan wants to slash $10 billion from our schools, or perhaps the rising demographic of how more and more children under the age of 14 are being sentenced to prison, or tax cuts for the rich that are increasingly destroying social programs. Or how about just how ignorance is pervading our culture.

Instead it's easier to say the word "Blagojevich." I gotta say this whole incident, in my mind, puts Illinois just one rung higher than Florida and immediately below Texas in the race for Most Insane State in our beloved U.S. of A. Welcome to the New Age of Unreason.

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