Monday, December 8, 2008

Let It Go Already

I don't get it. Here we are over a month past Election Day and some people can't let it go. I'm talking about Barack Obama's heritage. Just this morning on 700-WLW talk radio they're still bandying about the issue of whether or not Obama can legally be president of the United States, questioning his American citizenship. This is no big surprise, the question of just "what" the man is and all, but fer crissake, people! Really?! We're still talking about this? As I stated above, it's over a month PAST the damned election! If Barack Obama couldn't legally be the President, don't you think the various and sundry residency and citizenship attorneys at the disposal of the White House, not to mention those lawyers among Congress, the Senate and, oh yeah, the U.S. Justice Department (!) might have had all of this figured out once Obama petitioned his party for inclusion on the presidential ballot? Just a thought.

Then again, maybe that's putting too much faith in the guv'ment. I, for one, will tend to believe this campaign might not have gone so far as November 4th if Obama truly could not serve as this country's highest and foremost political official. Call me trusting. Call me naive. But, hey, I guess that's me.

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